Caduceus black shield clip art image

Caduceus black shield
Caduceus black shield clip art


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Caduceus black shield clip art

Caduceus medical symbol clipart illustrated on black two toned gradient color that is royalty free download for personal use. Png file format 512x512 pixels.

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Image Information

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BitDepth 8
BlueX 0.14999
BlueY 0.05998
ColorType RGB with Alpha
Compression Deflate/Inflate
Copyright Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
FileModifyDate 2012:11:23 04:19:23-07:00
FileName red_caduceus_black_shield.png
FileSize 57 kB
FileType PNG
Filter Adaptive
Gamma 2.1993
GreenX 0.30001
GreenY 0.59997
ImageHeight 512
ImageSize 512x512
ImageWidth 512
Interlace Noninterlaced
MIMEType image/png
PixelUnits Meters
PixelsPerUnitX 17520
PixelsPerUnitY 17520
RedX 0.64001
RedY 0.32998
WhitePointX 0.33749
WhitePointY 0.35189

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Submitted by: PharmD
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Added: Thu Nov 22 2012
Last Modified: Fri Feb 08 2013
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